Top 5 ‘Day-Made’ Pins this week.

Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing well and fabulous and I’m glad to see you back here. This post will focus on the top 5 pins that really made an impact on me this week. My Pinterest is all about law of attraction hacks, amazing travel photos and it’s also my virtual vision board!

If you use Pinterest and are into similar stuff then let me know and I will follow you – I’m all about that positivity and you should be too 👍🏽

Before we start here’s a cheeky little plug of my Pinterest: 🙊

Okay, ready? Let’s do this!

ONE – THIS QUOTE. It’s simple, but it’s so true. Because you must FEEL good to manifest your desires, take the bad days that come by as triggers for your Emotional Guidance System. You’ve acknowledged what you don’t, take a breath, then completely flip it and start focusing on what you DO want! Your track record for surviving bad days so far is 100% after all 😉

TWO – THIS PHOTO FROM PARIS. Ahhh Paris, one of (if not my actual) top three cities to visit. I’m not sure about you but I strongly believe I was French in a past life. Something about this place is PULLING me and every year the pull is stronger and stronger. Have you been? If so, when did you go? My visiting preference would be September to October – cool crisp days and no tourists? YES, PLEASE.

THREE – THIS FASHION ILLUSTRATION. This amazing artwork by Jason Brooks is to die for! If you’re a fan of Hed Kandi music compilations, then you’ll recognise this girl. Although he doesn’t do the album covers anymore, his fashion illustrations are super sexy and he definitely deserves a follow if you appreciate good art on your Insta feed! (

FOUR – THIS NYC LOFT. I am dying over this loft in New York, I’m not really as invested in interior design as I probably should be (my own room barely has a bedside table let alone a rug, throw blanket and a book shelf). This photo is giving me early Tuesday morning vibes in October, you’ve just made a coffee but definitely need another one, wearing cute bed socks and a cosy oversized kit jumper.. Okay, I definitely just went on a daydream haha sorry guys!

FIVE – THIS CUTE LLA- I MEAN, MACCU PICCU. We’ve all seen this pin I’m sure but aside from the adorable photo bomber, this picture reminded me of a past goal of mine which was to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Sadly, I was going to do it with my best friend (at the time) but then our friendship just grew apart and I sort of forgot about it, BUT it’s absolutely still something I want to and WILL do.

Well thank you for reading the whole post guys, I hope you enjoyed it and got some Pinspiration and again if you like the content I do feel free to follow any of my boards and shoot me a message if you’d like me to follow your boards – the more positivity in my feed, the better! If you like this content, let me know and maybe I could do a post every week on it.
Au revoir 💃🏼

Michael x.

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